Pik ‘n Wyntjie


In February 2017 Alba was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

Whilst going through her treatment for breast cancer, one of her practitioners, Doctor Justus Apffelstaedt showed an interest in her work and passion for wine. It was during these conversations that Alba realized that many females do not have the means to have the reconstructive surgery after their mastectomy.

Her giving nature immediately kicked in and decided that she must do something to assist these ladies. It was a no brainer that her contribution could be through her passion for wine and Cape Wine Match.

In conjunction with the winemaker at D’Aria Wine Estate, Rudi, Cape Wine Match launched the first “Breast Cancer Awareness” Wine in 2019.

All proceeds of this wine go towards the Ditto Project.

This project was started in 2011 by Doctor Apffelstaedt.

See their website,

https://www.reach4recovery.org.za/the-ditto-project/ for more information.

It was Alba's wish that we continue to support the Ditto Project.

In honour of her memory and love for wine, we created the “Pik ‘n Wyntjie” label. Annually a limited number of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc under the “Pik ‘n Wyntjie” label will be available in support of breast cancer awareness.


This is the story of the Pikkewyne.

In 1980 at the age of 13 years old four friends from different wine farms in the Vredendal area developed a very special friendship.. They were Alba Botha, Corine Broomberg, Tresia Smit and Annelies Swanepoel and called themselves “The Pikkewyne” (The Penguins).

Throughout high school, they would spend every Friday afternoon and holidays together planning hikes, camps and entering adventure competitions and just enjoying the care-free life they experienced in a small town in the 80’s.

After leaving school, they each followed their own paths in life but would in the beginning still meet every December in Strandfontein on the West Coast to catch up on past and present adventures of “The Pikkewyne”.

When Alba was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017, she decided that it is time for a “Pikkewyne” reunion and not even the sickness or all those contactless years could dampen the joyous get-together of sharing memories and old-time stories. They just picked up where they left off.

Alba unfortunately lost her battle with cancer in 2021. She will however be remembered as the strong “Pikkewyntjie”, the one with courage and determination who contributed in so many ways to our lives and the wine industry in general.

Let us all raise a glass of “Pik ‘n Wyntjie” to Alba and drink to friendships and precious humanity.

The ”Pik ‘n Wyntjie” Sauvignon Blanc is available in cases of 6 x Bottles @ R517.50 per case (incl VAT). Limited stock available.


Orders can be placed with Portia or Jacques at:



We would like to thank the following companies for their contributions in helping us to make Alba’s wish come true.

D’Aria Winery

Danie Cronje Attorneys

Danie Nel Photography